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[09 May 2006|09:43pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

i had an interesting day today. i took my first and last AP in my high school career. AP United States Government and Politics. i actually think i did ok. not terrific but not bad. i was determined when i walked in there that i was totally not prepared and i was going to get a star, but i actually knew most of the material and i am relatively sure i passed (got a 3). so yeah, yay for that.

after the test i did something i have not done in sooooo long. i creeked it up. it was fantastic.

on my way home from work today, i realized that i had a lot of restrain on what i said. at one point my manager, maggie, told me that her actual name was margaret. and i got really excited and almost blurted out "OMG I ONCE DATED A GIRL NAMED MARGARET!!" but then i realized that that would initiated a lot of awkward questions, considering that not too long ago something pertaining to me liking women was mentioned and she said "oh no, i could never picture you dyking it out" in a very polite way.

and then later on i was downstairs counting out my drawer and i was saying goodbye to miguel and we joke around a lot so i said in a really sensual voice "i'll see you later baby." and maggie was like "how come you never talk to me like that?" in a joking way and then proceeded to say something along the lines of how it was sexual harassment. and she was like "and i've been sexually harassed before. but never by a seventeen year-old girl from rye." and i almost said "well, there's a first time for everything."

so, the main point of this story is that i've decided to start one of those meme things. if you've ever wanted to say something at work, at home, at school, to your friends, parents, whomever, and found yourself silencing yourself because you were unsure of how the other person/people would react comment anonymously and say what it was. this is your time to let it out.


[01 Nov 2005|05:58pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

life is stressful. you all can understand that. i just don't want to be the one causing it.

if you could tell me anything anonymously, what would you say?

go ahead, comment anonymously and tell me. i'm listening.


[13 Aug 2005|05:16pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

you would all make my life complete if you did this for me. please, it would mean a lot to me. thanks. and i know that a lot of you out there have a lot of things clammed up, well here's your chance to let it out.

The Info
So we've all got some secrets killing us, right? Here's the chance to get them out and say whatever's on your mind. It's healthy, so just try it.

Just say whatever it is you secretly feel about the person who posts this: It can be anything- I like you, I hate you, you're annoying, or just some little secret. Whatever it is, set it free!

The Rules
All comments will have IP logging turned off (no matter what! If the IPs are logged, it's cheating!).

Comment anonymously on this entry and tell exactly how you feel, even the stuff you've been keeping from me.

Don't be afraid to break my heart or hurt me, I can take it! This isn't looking for compliments, this is looking for your deepest feelings.

After you're done answering this, then take it and post it in your own LiveJournal. Make sure the IP logging is off, and get ready to find out the truth.

You may be as obvious as you wish, as long as you do not (under any circumstances) state who you are. You may also posted the comment as screened if you wish.


[18 Oct 2004|07:16pm]

comment, add, i'm sure you know the drill.

i'd like to thank michaela for making me this wonderful banner,

you should really see some of the stuff she's making, it's fantastic.

well love to all reading!


[18 Oct 2004|12:35am]
[ mood | tired, but i can't sleep ]

What does your t-shirt say? by rejektedrockstar
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wow, this amused me beyond words

[17 Oct 2004|10:43pm]
[ mood | contemplative as always ]

saturday was awesome. psats were interesting. i don't think i did too bad. my camcorder got drenched in water, but it seems to be working now and i'm so pumped. so, we went into the city after that to see harry and the potter's. we got soo lost like 5 times, but it was so worth it. we had an awesome time and i am no longer a mosh-virgin. we met three awesome girls and had plainly named "pie" according to the box. we wandered around til we found enough plastic forks and a knife and we ate it on the subway. it was quite tasty and oh so much fun. girls, we're so getting together again and having more hp and pie! lol

so, i had a little bit of a breakdown earlier today. i was getting all "no one will ever want me, why don't they want me" and that's not fun for anyone. i do feel better, even though nothing has changed. i just realized that my life will not end if i don't have someone. i know, what a shocker lol but i need to find myself a girl. not a guy, a girl. i'm really in the mood to have a girlfriend.

well, anyways, spinney is God, so call the news. but according to ellen, she's a black women in her late 40's, so it's up for debate.


[15 Oct 2004|10:13pm]
Choose 11 people from your friends list at random.
Write something about/to each of them.
Don't tell anyone who the statements are about. Good or bad. No matter how they beg!

1. why don't you live in rye so we could have wild parties every night?
2. you never cease to amuse me.
3. i wish that you didn't do the things that you do.
4. you amaze me in so many ways.
5. you taught me what a best friend was.
6. god, i wish i knew you!
7. i could spend a whole day with you and not be bored.
8. i wish i could hook up with you every day.
9. you and your brother rock my socks!
10. we hooked up and i don't know you're last name.
11. sometimes, late at night, i wish we had something more.

p.s. if you really want to know which one is you, i'll probably tell you cause i don't like to be pestered lol

yay gay pride... or bi pride actually [12 Oct 2004|07:49pm]
[ mood | proud ]

i am so all for gay pride tonight:

* Hot pink for sexuality
* Red for life
* Orange for healing
* Yellow for the sun
* Green for nature
* Blue for art
* Indigo for harmony
* Violet for spirit


hollar to biangles! they are so awesome.


[12 Oct 2004|05:43pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

October 12, 1998

Six years ago today, Matthew Shepard was murdered for being homosexual.

What will you do to end the silence?

Click here to post this on your own page or weblog

[11 Oct 2004|11:20pm]
[ mood | upset ]

he said nothing wrong.

and evidently, i said nothing wrong.

so all that's left is for me to know why i feel like i'm going to cry.

i hate myself for hating myself. this goes back to something i wrote a long time ago in my notebook. about how it's a viscious cycle and there appears to be no end in sight. god, i really wish that for just one day, i could be someone else. cause me is not so fun right now. meh, i'm trying to be in a better mood. why can't i seem to find it?


[11 Oct 2004|02:22pm]
[ mood | excited ]

october 16th is gonna be sick.
get ready to make signs, special brownies, and pumpkins.
hollAr, and i won't forget that there are little children, lys. no worries


[10 Oct 2004|09:00pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

wow, an interesting weekend it was.
how you can tell a good party:
1. 2 people lose their belts
2. the cat gets drunk
3. the chaperone is more wasted then anyone else

saturday was awesome as well. watchin movies that will haunt me for all of enternity and finally getting to meet kyle. and at the other party: dancing, DDR, fires, tramponlines, and stories galore.
however, there was quite a bit of drama that occured. i want to overlook it, but something inside me doesn't want to. i love all my people of new paltz. i don't know why we thought that waiting like 9 months for me to come and visit again was a good idea.
i am really wanting to go to suny new paltz now. that would like so awesome. well, we'll see what the future holds. if you want more info about the intersting events of the night, then go ahead and call me. i will tell it all... that i remember.


[07 Oct 2004|07:30pm]
[ mood | high ]

ok, everyone has to fill this out or i will flog you with a wet noodle, which i seem to say a lot today. hollAr:

would you...
( ) go out with me?
( ) give me your number?
( ) let me kiss you?
( ) have sex with me?
( ) play an SM scene with me?
( ) watch a movie with me... even a really sappy one?
( ) let me take you out to dinner?
( ) drive me somewhere/anywhere?
( ) take a shower with me?
( ) be my gf/bf?
( ) have a fling with me?
( ) listen to me if I called you, crying, even if you were out with all of your friends?
( ) buy me a drink if I didn't have money?
( ) take me home for the night?
( ) let me sleep in your bed?
( ) sing car karaoke with me?
( ) sit in the doctors office with me because I didn't want to go alone?
( ) come and pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere?
( ) re-post this for me to answer your questions?

Y = Yes.
N = No.
M = Maybe, depends.
O = Of course (apparently!)
* = Already have done.


[07 Oct 2004|06:00pm]
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Eigth Level of Hell - the Malebolge!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very Low
Level 2 (Lustful)Very High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Moderate
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Low
Level 7 (Violent)Very High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Very High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

Take the Dante's Divine Comedy Inferno Test

now, we always knew i was going to hell, but i didn't know it was gonna be this bad... well, better live it up while it lasts

[04 Oct 2004|02:10pm]

lys was looked up elise on ebay, and found this. it's hilarious!

RockMySocksMahn: thats special
RockMySocksMahn: its the shoes that pull me in
bbfc127: yup, and it's going fast
bbfc127: only 33 minutes left
bbfc127: and there are 10 bids
bbfc127: hurry!!!
RockMySocksMahn: hurry hurry get your elise whille shes still fresh

and lys' is so great as well, we're going to prom in that thing!

[03 Oct 2004|04:47pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

everything behind the cut is trueCollapse )


[01 Oct 2004|04:59am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i did it. i can't believe it did it. i told my mother that i was bisexual. and she didn't freak out. she just didn't believe me. with every word she said i could hear "it's just a phase". she said definately not to tell my father, so i won't. i just feel a lot better because now i have it off my chest, and i can be more open with her about these types of things. she blamed it on a lot of things, when there's really nothing to "blame" it on because it's not like i did something wrong. anyways, will update later if there are more details. ttfn, love to all reading, <3 elise


[28 Sep 2004|06:34pm]
i. am. sick.
so not cool. i coughed up one of my lungs today. and yes, kristen, you can live with only one lung.
i am officially posting to say, even though you may not like her, i love ashlee simpson. just get over it. she is now my new icon, and if you look at the lyrics it says "perfect as i'm ever gonna be" which is from her song "love me for me". this happens to be a very awesome and uplifting song, so there lol.
anyways, confusion is settling in as i sit here. damn thinking. love me... that's all i ask of you. but if you're taking requests, i'd also like to ask that you give me clearity in my world of fog... *le sigh*

[27 Sep 2004|09:46pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i'm sick and tired and confused. this'll be a fun week lol.
i am really going to try to make the best of it though because i really don't like being sad. it's not worth it.


[26 Sep 2004|06:45pm]

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sure, why not...

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